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Please click on the University name below to find out more: 

  • Bergen - Main CPACT contact is bjorn.grung@kj.uib.no
  • Bremen - Main CPACT contact is jkiefer@uni-bremen.de
  • Hunan - Main CPACT contact for Hunan Univesity is zpchen2002@hotmail.com
  • Imperial College - Main CPACT contacts for Imperial College are n.shah@imperial.ac.uk and s.kazarian@imperial.ac.uk
  • Manchester - Main CPACT contact for Manchester is philip.martin@manchester.ac.uk
  • Newcastle - Main CPACT contacts for Newcastle University are shirley.coleman@newcastle.ac.uk, jie.zhang@newcastle.ac.uk and matthew.linsley@newcastle.ac.uk
  • Strathclyde - Main CPACT contacts are yichieh.chen@strath.ac.uk. alison.nordon@strath.ac.uk and d.littlejohn@strath.ac.uk
  • University College London - Main CPACT contacts are d.dikicioglu@ucl.ac.uk and s.goldrick@ucl.ac.uk
  • York - Main CPACT contacts are simon.duckett@york.ac.uk and meghan.halse@york.ac.uk