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The Centre for Process Analytics and Control Technology (CPACT) is the leading network for companies seeking advice and research on all areas of process performance monitoring and control.

The mission of CPACT is to enable the application of intelligent measurement and control technology in the process industries through research, knowledge exchange and training.

CPACT addresses the manufacturing challenges being faced by the chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, food and materials processing industries through the unique synergy of end-user process manufacturers, analytical vendor companies and control systems solution providers.

CPACT has five strategic themes: 

1. Research & Development

2. Conferences & Networking

3. Technology Transfer

4. International Collaborations

5. Expert Training


CPACT was formed in July 1997 through the Foresight Challenge with an EPSRC/CDI award of £1.34M; it is one of the few remaining Foresight Centres. CPACT was established as an inter-disciplinary industry-university consortium to promote advanced process monitoring and control techniques

CPACT is a self-sustaining organisation, which has won grants from EPSRC, EU, BIS and industry.

Established successful three-way collaboration between academic, technology vendor and end-user companies.

Track record

  • Outstanding training environment for PhD students; helped postdoctoral and other researches gain careers in industry and academia, many in leading positions
  • Created a unique collaborative environment enabled by best-practice confidentiality agreement and rapid response to new members
  • Established a series of popular training courses and webinars
  • Introduced a new conference “Advances in Process Analytics and Control Technologies” and a triennial conference EuroPACT, with European partners
  • Grown university, research institute and company membership over the years
  • Delivered collaborative research programmes for industrial sponsors
  • Developed data analysis and optimisation software for members
  • Sustained a self-supporting network of PACT scientists and engineers
  • Established successful six-monthly Research Days
  • Members estimate a combined benefit of £60 million

Future aspirations

  • Maintain position as the leading process analytics and control technologies network in Europe
  • Assist access to the latest research and enable technology transfer
  • Continue to produce high quality researchers and trained PAT scientists
  • Help companies assess new technology through short feasibility studies
  • Coordinate grant applications to leverage R&D funding
  • Extend training for both industrialists and academics
  • Influence the production of next generation analysers and data analysis software
  • Support advances in development and manufacturing processes
  • Help members drive improvements in processes and increases in profitability