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All staff in a CPACT member company/institution have access to a comprehensive range of resources including:

  • *Free short-term feasibility studies
  • *Free access to on-line training including introduction to molecular spectroscopy techniques, use of various techniques in process analysis, statistics, DoE, chemometric algortihms in Spectral Shooter software and many more
  • *Free access to Webinars and Webinar courses - click here for a list of webinar recordings available to Members: Webinar Recordings
  • *Free access to CPACT Software Tool-boxes
    • DoEMan
    • Pre-Screen
    • Spectral Shooter
  • *Free attendance at CPACT Research Days
  • *Free use of CPACT website
    • Access to over 25 years of research
    • Webinar recordings; presentations; software
  • Courses and company specific Training 
  • Unique collaboration opportunities leveraging the extensive expertise of vendors, academia and member companies
  • Discounts at APACT conferences and Courses
  • We have created a brief webinar on the history of CPACT and the changes it's undergone in the last 20 years, highlighting some of the membership benefits, including CPACT software packages - 'Doing the same things differently - the survival strategy of an industry-academic consortium'.  

*included in the membership fee