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The financial, safety and environmental benefits of Process Analysis and Control (PAC) are proving powerful incentives and increasing numbers of companies want to participate in the PAC revolution.

In-process measurements and real-time data analysis are also increasing in importance at the discovery and development stages, when attempting to reduce time-to-market through “quality by design”, achieved by acquisition of better fundamental knowledge of a process.

APACT is an open forum for the presentation and discussion of recent advances in engineering and scientific topics relevant to process analytics and control technologies. Plenary and keynote speakers describe the formulation and implementation of PAC strategies, review the benefits that can be achieved, and report recent developments. An instrument exhibition and full social programme are also included.

Quotes from attendees:

  • "Great conference, friendly atmosphere and enjoyable social programme"
  • "APACT provided a great opportunity to network with past and future colleagues and clients in a friendly and comfortable environment. Most enjoyable"
  • "Good mixture of academia, industry and suppliers"
  • "Excellent conference. Very enjoyable and made many new contacts".

For details see https://apact.co.uk/

CPACT established the triennial EUROPACT conference with the German Chemical Society and DECHEMA in 2008. 

We have held six successful events to date. The first conference was held in 2008 in Germany, the second in 2011 in Glasgow, the third took place in Barcelona in 2014 and the fourth took place in Berlin in May 2017.  The 2021 event took place on-line due to Covid-19.  We then had an event in Copenhagen in May 2023 and the next conference is taking place in 2026. Further details can be found at: euro-pact.org 

Quote from attendee at Europact: "I believe the ‘Euro’ aspect worked extremely well, with a large and cosmopolitan attendance".