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Pharmaceutical PAT Community of Practice

The purpose of the PAT CoP is to bring together a diverse group of people from pharmaceutical companies, analytical instruments and software suppliers, academia and regulators with an interest in the applications of PAT in development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. We have approximately 70 members, with representation from large and small pharma and biopharma, CRO and CMOs, academia, suppliers of analytical instrumentation, suppliers of software solutions and consultants.

The main scope of the CoP is to share example applications in an informal setting, network with colleagues that are practitioners in this area, and develop guidance on selected topics that benefit the group and the wider community. Key activities include sharing applications of PAT at CoP meetings, awareness of regulatory guidance, discussion of new developments in the area in an informal setting, and participation in workgroups focussing on specific topics to prepare guidance to benefit the PAT Community. The current workgroup topic is building an online PAT unit operations capability map, with the vision to produce a simple tool that can be used across the industry allowing PAT practitioners to both find and update the relevant information quickly.

We encourage both existing and new members to join the Pharmaceutical PAT Community of Practice – it is free to join, and independent of individual/company CPACT membership status. Members will have access to the Pharmaceutical PAT Community of Practice webspace on the CPACT website, and all CoP events and activities.

Please click here to view the Charter for this CoP: Charter

As a PAT CoP member you will be able to contribute to the PAT CoP Unit Operations Cabability Map.

You must be registered as a PAT CoP or CPACT Member to access the Capability Map. 

Please note that if you have previously attended the APACT conference then you may already have an account, therefore, please email to gain access to the PAT CoP membership. 

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