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Product Manager – Process Analytical Technology


Date advertised: 25/05/2023

Contact: Darren Andrews

Contact Details: darren.andrews@proxisense.com

Closing Date: 16/06/2023

Proxisense is a small early stage business and a spin out of Oxford University’s engineering department. The company has developed technology for aerospace applications but is investing in other sectors, one of which is process analytical technology – PAT. To grow into this new area it needs an experienced product manager to lead the development and launch of a new PAT product line.

This important role will lead the development of an NPI that uses Proxisense’s novel probe sensor technology for process analytical monitoring and control, initially in the pharmaceutical industry. The successful candidate will have demonstrated experience of the PAT market and be able to provide continuous guidance to a new engineering team that will develop probes for trials and commercial product. This position will be attractive to an ambitious early-mid stage career individual looking to advance their career in a high impact job.

Candidates must have strong market and subject-matter expertise with process analytical tools and related applications in the pharmaceutical market. Demonstrated expertise is essential in delivering new products to market through NPI product development projects. It would be an advantage for candidates to have experience of: voice of customer research, developing and maintaining relationships with key influencers, creating user requirements by evidence-led approaches, leading marketing projects, maintaining and driving product roadmap developments and other tasks related to product marketing.

An immediate task is to complete a URS and establish a development plan for an in-line PAT probe for chemical process monitoring and up/downstream biopharma monitoring. Applications include measurement and characterisation of chemical and biochemical reactions, manufacturing unit operations such as dissolution and crystallisations, protein concentration changes, reaction kinetics and end point determinations.

The successful candidate will be expected to own and maintain the project’s development aims and goals to deliver the minimal viable solution to market that will enable fast and effective market entry. Products delivered to the pharma market require a high level of validation and help with applications development and it is part of the role to ensure that adequate support, qualification and guidance is provided by the NPI team to make a product viable in the pharma industry.

Proxisense’s probes use patented thermal product sensor, initially developed for the aerospace industry, which provides a highly sensitive real-time measure of changes in chemical and physical processes. Essentially, almost any change in a system should be measurable using thermal product, which opens up potential for a wide range of in-line monitoring and control processes.

The role reports to the Chief Business Officer and is located near Farnborough on Cody Technology Park. Physical presence there is required for most of the week. Travel is anticipated, initially to conferences and ley opinion leaders and will eventually include customer visits worldwide. The role may include management of analytical scientists and potentially other team members.


• Strong experience and market understanding of PAT in Development, Quality Control or Manufacturing applications

• Knowledge and experience of using probes and probe technology in lab-scale PAT applications

• Leading projects that deliver innovative solutions to market

Highly desirable

• Sales and marketing expertise in a relevant area

• Experience working with engineering teams to bring products to market using GAMP or related product development approaches

• Experience of working in an Agile development environment

• Experience as a vendor or customer of biopharma products in one or more of process research and development, manufacturing

• Practical process development knowledge and experience


• Outbound marketing

Position Activities:

• Creating a new class of products within Proxisense for high-value PAT applications

• Lead product marketing and developments and working with the engineering team

• Working with end users to demonstrate the value of the technology


• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Science discipline required