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Spectral Shooter

  • Access to CPACT algorithms (not available in other toolboxes):
  • Advanced pre-processing methods
  • Advanced calibration transfer methods
  • Graphical user interface
  • Includes some standard methods for comparison

Spectral Shooter is a software package developed by CPACT.  It offers access to several novel chemometric algorithms developed by CPACT via an easy-to-use graphical interface.  The software is specially designed to handle spectral data and includes algorithms for pre-processing, building multivariate calibration models, and transferring and maintaining such models (e.g. lab to production scale transfer).  For instance, methods for the correction of temperature and scattering effects on spectra are included.  The software also includes several standard techniques, so that they can be combined with, or compared against, CPACT algorithms within a single software package.  The software is completely standalone, and is freely available to CPACT members.

CPACT members can click here to access a webinar on Spectral Shooter