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DoEMan - Design of Experiments for Calibration Modelling*

  • CPACT software toolbox
  • DoE approach to help user select:
  • Pre-processing strategy
  • Modelling method
  • Graphical user interface
  • Build better chemometric models faster

*DoEMan requires the MATLAB programming environment and the Eigenvector Research PLS Toolbox.

DoEMan is a software tool to simplify the use of experimental designs for choosing suitable pre-treatment methods for calibration problems. The immediate benefit of using experimental designs (DoE) to select pre-treatment methods for calibration problems is that choosing the best pre-treatment method becomes a structured and objective activity. DoEMan2 is re-worked version of the initial DoEMan software where the user interface has been improved and the code re-worked to simplify future extensions and modifications. For the user, DoEMan2 should make it straightforward to set up a design to test the performance of different pre-treatment methods, and interpret the results. Save options allow for sharing of designs and results among a number of users. 

CPACT members can click here to access the DoEMan webinar