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Keit Spectrometers hiring Kiran Haroon, 2021 Malcolm McIvor Prize winner


The Malcolm McIvor Prize is awarded annually by CPACT to a postgraduate student or early career researcher (within 3 years of a PhD) at a CPACT university/institute or member company in recognition of that researcher’s achievement in process analytics and control technologies. The prize recognises an individual’s excellence in terms of academic achievement, creative thinking or engagement between academia and industry.

This year’s prize was awarded to Kiran Haroon of the University of Manchester for her work with Unilever on developing chemometric models from a variety of spectroscopic techniques to measure the properties of process liquids. Kiran has quickly been snapped up by Keit Spectrometers, a CPACT industrial member, perfectly demonstrating the sort of direct networking effects that CPACT enables across the industrial and academic exponents of PAT.

Dan Wood, CEO at Keit Spectrometers said: we are increasingly providing process insights to our spectrometer customers through the use of chemometric modelling of the Mid-IR spectra we generate in real time. The skills and abilities that Kiran demonstrated during her PhD, culminating in the receipt of the Malcolm McIvor Prize, mean that she can hit the ground running on her arrival at Keit and immediately be able to add to our ability to support our customers.

Kiran had this to say: Having focused on the development of process spectroscopy combined with chemometrics for quality control purposes throughout my PhD research, I wanted to continue applying and broadening my knowledge in the area of process analytics and control. I am happy to have accepted a position at Keit Spectrometers where I am able to do this and learn more about the applications of MIR as a means of PAT.

We wish Kiran well in her new role.