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Process Analysis and Control in Food Manufacturing On line Event - 26th October 2021


This free on-line event is presented jointly by CPACT (, IRTA Monells ( and Digifoods ( of which Nofima ( and SINTEF ( are leading members.

Quality control, authenticity testing, and optimisation of manufacturing processes are common challenges in all areas of food production. This symposium will focus on current challenges and how advances in process analysis, modelling and control can support food manufacturers.  Overview presentations from Digifoods and IRTA will be followed by brief talks on advances in process measurement and control technologies relevant to food processing and manufacturing.

The presentations will be followed by a panel-led discussion on the technology innovations required to extend application of real-time process measurements and advanced process control across different areas of the food industry.

The event will be of interest primarily to those involved in the development and application of  advanced technologies for monitoring and control of food manufacturing, but will also be relevant to those with similar interests in other industries, where transferable technology solutions can improve control of manufacturing.  

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