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CPACT feasibility study success


CPACT recently completed a feasibility study between Johnson Matthey and Newcastle University entitled ‘Machine Learning (ML)-based model and control of a chemical process’.

This 10-week collaboration ran earlier this year. Liam Fleming carried out the project during an industrial placement within his PhD studies. The work was accomplished in an exemplary manner to the complete satisfaction of industrial supervisors Hugh Stitt and Joe Emerson of Johnson Matthey, in fact the project exceeded their expectations. The academic supervisors were Jie Zhang of the School of Engineering and Shirley Coleman of the School of Maths, Statistics and Physics, NU Solve at Newcastle University. We announced the project on the CPACT website and a report will be added soon: Newcastle and JM feasibility study.pdf (

We would highly recommend undertaking a feasibility project of this type. CPACT is ideally placed to bring together industrial and academic experts and to really open up the world of possibilities for innovation and progress.