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CPACT appoints a new Deputy Chair


We are thrilled to announce that Allyson McIntyre, Principal Scientist at AstraZeneca, UK, has been appointed as the new CPACT Deputy Chair.

With a background in academia and industry, Allyson brings over 15 years of invaluable experience to her new role. Having been part of CPACT through various capacities such as studentship, industrial member, IMB member, and Steering Committee member, Allyson's dedication to advancing process understanding and improving processes through technology and digitalization is truly commendable.

Allyson's passion for maximizing understanding and driving change through the implementation of technology and digitalization tools is evident in her career journey. From her Ph.D. focused on Mid-IR spectroscopy to her current role in a global group supporting analytical technology and data in high throughput experimentation, she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation and collaboration.

As a dedicated PAT specialist, Allyson has successfully led workstreams, collaborated with academia, and engaged in external partnerships with vendor companies. Her expertise in software development and automation has significantly contributed to enhancing data collection, structure, and reusability.

Allyson commented: "I have been involved in the IMB for a number of years as well as part of the steering committee, helping to drive decisions within CPACT. CPACT is an exciting group with scope and potential to bring academia, industry, and vendors together to drive PAT and process control forwards. The opportunity to be involved as a deputy chair and help work with the Chair, IMB, and steering group to strengthen CPACT's vision and deliverables is one that excites me."

Join us in congratulating Allyson McIntyre on this well-deserved appointment!