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CPACT online workshop: Digitalization for Industry 4.0


On Thursday 9th February, 2023 (13:00-16:00 UK time), AMAT, NPL and CPACT will deliver a 3-hour online workshop (via Webex) to provide an understanding in Digitalization.

This workshop will enable delegates to gain awareness of how collection and analysis of digital data can improve process control and accelerate product development. The course will provide an introduction to techniques and processes that can help you deliver value by collecting and integrating data from sources such as digital sensors, electronic logs, and digital lab records.

The workshop will include background and theory as well as practical examples of the methods in action. Topics covered will include, but are not limited to: benefits of digitalization, metadata and ontologies, soft sensors, process modelling, standardization.

The event is free for CPACT members however numbers are limited so please do not register unless you are able to attend.

To register, please contact