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Multivariate Process Analytics in Manufacturing


Webinar on Multivariate Process Analytics in Manufacturing

11th July at 3pm (UK time)


Matthieu Papillaud, AstraZeneca


Process monitoring in the Pharmaceutical industry is imperative to ensure the products’ quality is up to the company’s standards.  Monitoring outputs are indicative of a process’ robustness and control, and provide vast amounts of information to the engineering teams tasked with maintaining equipment and delivering technical changes.  However, batch process monitoring often comes either via manual inspection of trends on the local data historian, or is summarised in a few key statistics.  Accessing and delivering the complete process data in a comprehensive and informative way aiming at facilitating data-driven decision making, using chemometrics multivariate techniques, is the challenge AstraZeneca is taking on.

 In this webinar, rather than purely looking at monitoring results, we will focus on the development journey of our process monitoring solution and how we steered away from typical ‘waterfall’ projects towards more ‘Agile’ ways of working. 


 This webinar will last no longer than one hour.

 To register please contact christine.stevenson@strath.ac.uk



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