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Unmanned and autonomous systems: Future of automation in process industries


Webinar on

Unmanned and autonomous systems:

Future of automation in process industries

16th May 2024 at 3pm (UK time)


The shortage of skilled workers is increasingly impacting various industries in developed economies. Although the chemical industry has been a frontrunner in adopting automation technologies, there has been a noticeable stagnation, with a continued reliance on human supervision and decision-making in many plants. It is also not uncommon for frequent human interventions to be required for troubleshooting and maintenance of machinery, sensors, and process units. Consequently, advancements in artificial intelligence and autonomous systems are attracting considerable attention within the chemical process industry, mirroring trends in other sectors.

This talk will present a detailed analysis of the roles that plant operators, engineers, technicians, and workers currently play and will examine how these tasks might be performed remotely and either augmented or replaced by technical systems, considering both current technological capabilities and anticipated advancements.

We will also outline the specific requirements that differentiate emerging autonomous systems from traditional automation technologies in use today. We will explore the concept of complexity as a measure of the challenges AI systems face, how this complexity manifests in chemical process plants, and strategies for managing complexity to ease the transition toward autonomous operation.

The session will conclude with a showcase of past and ongoing projects at the Autonomous Industrial Systems Laboratory at Imperial College London, highlighting our efforts to enhance autonomy in chemical plants.

This webinar will be presented by Mehmet Mercangöz, Imperial College London

The webinar will last no longer than one hour.

To register please contact christine.stevenson@strath.ac.uk

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