Powder Technology

Thursday 1st March 2018


Webinar on Powder Technology - 01/03/18 at 3pm (UK time)

- Handling, Storage, Processing & Characterization of Bulk Materials 

The application of powder technology can be seen everywhere; powders or particles can be encountered almost in all industries, as raw materials, intermediate or final product or as waste materials. Powders play a special role in many industries, influencing environmental and economic factors, quality issues and health and safety of occupants. The main challenge one faces when working with powders is their complex and often inconsistent behavior, which makes understanding and predictions of industrial processes difficult. In process technology, fluids, gas or solids are well explained with good predictabilities with well-known and well-established theories. However, particulate solids or powders often show inconsistency in their behavior in different processes and process equipment. In some applications, they tend to behave as solids and in other applications rather as liquids. Depending on the processing conditions, the powders may suffer attrition or degradation or the particles may stick together making agglomerates. Even though powder technology plays a vital role in process industry and many other industrial sectors, powder technology is not included under the main engineering courses in many educational institutes. Many believe that the challenges related to powders can be tackled with general knowledge on solid mechanics or fluid mechanics, but the attempts usually fail without having the basic knowledge and understanding of the main powder technology principles.

In Norway, the powder technology research program called “POSTEC", which was first formulated by the late Prof. Sunil de Silva together with retired Prof. Gisle Enstad in early 80s, has been working on increasing the fundamental understanding of powders and bulk solids handling, making it a “science” rather than an “art”. Having conducted many R&D projects with many national and international industrial partners, covering different industrial sectors; such as oil & gas, mineral processing, mining, food and feed, shipping, etc., solving their challenges and introducing new technology with high impact on economical, environmental and health and safety issues. POSTEC research program became a part of "SINTEF Industry" recently.

The webinar will present the main aspects of powder technology, their influence in industrial applications and application of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) as an efficient tool in industrial powder technology, discussing the possible future developments of the field.

The webinar will be presented by:

Chandana Ratnayake

Chief Scientist; Powder Technology
SINTEF Tel-Tek, SINTEF Industry, Norway

Professor II in Powder Technology
Faculty of Technology, University College of Southeast Norway


To register for the webinar please contact Christine.stevenson@strath.ac.uk