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Spectral Shooter Version 3 launched


We are pleased to announce that Spectral Shooter Version 3 is now available for download for all CPACT members, it can be found at:


Spectral Shooter allows members easy access via a graphical user interface to CPACT developed algorithms for processing spectral data. Version 3 includes:


-PLS regression.

-Loading Space Standardisation (LSS) for correction of temperature induced spectral variations.

-Multiplicative Effects Model (MEM) for correction of multiplicative light scattering effects (e.g. from powders or slurries).

-Spectral Space Transformation (SST) calibration transfer algorithm (maintain the predictive abilities of calibration models when the spectrometer or measurement conditions are altered).

-Systematic prediction error correction (SPEC) standard free calibration transfer algorithm.


If you have any questions about the software, please email