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Spectral Shooter Release Announcement


CPACT is pleased to announce the release of Spectral Shooter Version 1. It is available to all CPACT members at  

Spectral Shooter is a standalone software package designed for handling spectral data (e.g. infrared, Raman, etc.). It provides an easy to use graphical user interface to several novel chemometric algorithms developed by CPACT. Spectral Shooter also includes standard techniques, so that they can be combined with or compared against CPACT algorithms within one software package.

Included within Version 1 will be the following features:

·         Partial least squares (PLS) regression (including the capability to combine PLS with various spectral pre-processing options).

·         Loading Space Standardization (LSS), a CPACT algorithm for correction of temperature induced spectral changes.

A recent webinar on an overview of Spectral Shooter and a demo of the above features can be found at    

Coming soon!  Spectral Shooter will be progressively updated to include further CPACT algorithms. Version 2 (expected August 2020) will also include multiplicative effects modelling (MEM) which can provide accurate predictions from spectral data in the presence of scattering effects (e.g. from powders or slurries). Later versions of Spectral Shooter will incorporate several CPACT tools for calibration transfer, allowing models built on one instrument/scale to be used with data acquired on a new instrument/scale without having to preform re-calibration.