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Application of online chromatography to enable Continuous Manufacturing


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Application of online chromatography to enable Continuous Manufacturing

11th February 2021 at 3pm (GMT)


Since the early 2000s with the FDA initiative technologies continue to evolve to meet the needs of better process analytical technology tools combined with their integration into continuous manufacturing. With improvements in technologies the scientists now have at their disposal better information about their process. When looking for process learning, understanding and knowledge the analyst has much more information regarding the critical process parameters and critical quality attributes of their process. With all this information now, a fully controlled in automated system can be deployed into manufacturing to monitor in control a higher quality manufacturing product.  From the laboratory one of the predominant and critical technologies has been high performance liquid chromatography. Chromatography utilizes many tools that will provide the analyst with critical information regarding their process. When you combined sensitivity in resolution the chromatographic information yields much more highly quantitative information. The good news this technique will give you more information about your sample then many of the other techniques available however it is much slower and complicated as compared to many of the other tools that are at the analyst disposal.

This webinar will talk about the advances in separations technology both in the laboratory and being integrated into the manufacturing process. We will look at examples in both API synthesis as well as bioprocessing and the lessons learned in process development. In addition, we will look at the other critical department's that need to be part of this learning process and how the appropriate tools can be deployed into manufacturing. The webinar will discuss various sampling and handling challenges, various separations tools and detector technology, and finally the many s/w packages that are needed for analysis, communication, and control.

The webinar will be presented by Ernie Hillier, EJH Consulting and Martin Warman, Martin Warman Consultancy and CPACT Associate Member.

The webinar will last no longer than one hour.

To register please contact Christine.stevenson@strath.ac.uk

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