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CPACT has established a unique confidentiality agreement and modus operandi between UK universities and collaborating companies, which is designed so that new members can sign up “quickly and easily”, and which includes a ‘Proprietary Project’ Annex.

By the end of 2017, CPACT had delivered 65 research reports and trained more than 80 PhD, postdoctoral and other researchers.

We have:

  • Provided leading-edge Process Analytical and Control Technology Innovations and solutions for over 20 years
  • Trained 180 Industrialists and academics in the CPACT technologies
  • Delivered 10 collaborative R&D projects providing technological and business benefits of our industrial sponsors
  • Established links with the other major Centres in Europe and the USA
  • Established with DECHEMA, the tri-annual European Conference on Process Analytics and Control Technology (EuroPACT)
  • Delivered over 60 free webinars to member companies
  • Delivered over 50 free feasibility studies for member companies with significant successful outcomes
  • Delivered over 100 invited presentations to international meetings, conferences and workshops
  • Provided a unique annual Process Spectroscopy Course in collaboration with Clairet Scientific
  • Delivered three unique software toolboxes for free use by member companies (a highly visual data pre-processing toolbox - PreScreen; a comprehensive software tool to simplify the use of experimental designs for choosing suitable pre-treatment methods for calibration problems - DoEMan; a spectroscopic data preprocessing and calibration transfer toolbox - Spectral Shooter