Membership Benefits

Our membership benefits include:

  • A pool of expertise across twelve Universities and Research Institutes and more than two dozen industrial member companies
  • Well-trained recruits at PhD and Post Doctoral levels
  • Free short Feasibility Studies to be carried out by CPACT academics and researchers  

Feasibility studies could be based on a wide range of questions: e.g. assessing a new instrument or instrumental method for process applications,

assess some process or process analytical data to provide the company with additional information /know-how on their processes or products, compare

different data analysis methods for particular applications, or carry out a literature evaluation to assess the current status of a developing technology relevant

to process analysis or process control.  These are just a few examples and it would be up to individual companies to suggest the type of brief study that might

be of benefit to them.

  • CPACT Software Toolkits:
    • NEW: Spectral Shooter (a spectroscopic data preprocessing and Calibration Transfer Toolbox)
    • Highly visual user friendly spectral and process data visualisation and pre-processing
    • Multivariate data analysis and modeling 
    • Design of Experiments & Optimisation
  • Industrial and Academic Networking
  • Technology implementation support in Process Analysis and Control Technologies
  • In-depth multidisciplinary support through the CPACT network - access to analytical, process and
    chemometric expertise
  • Participation in a forum raising the profile of process analytics and control technologies across process and pharma sectors
  • CPD training courses and other events
  • Reduced costs of attending the annual APACT conference and CPACT training courses
  • Advice and help on accessing "free" Research and Development funding
  • Effective training of the workforce
  • Ensuring R&D and Networking funding sources are effectively leveraged
  • A dedicated web site with open and members sections
  • Free CPACT Webinars
  • Help with setting up a Knowledge Transfer Partnership
  • Participation in specific Research Council, TSB and EU projects of strategic company importance (either with individual companies or as part of consortia)
  • Shared generic learning from CPACT projects
  • Financial support for funding PhD studentships
  • Financial support for bid writing

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